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This charity compilation album from Audioscope will raise funds for Shelter. It will be released 1 October 2012 but special advance copies can be obtained at the release gig in Oxford on 14 September.

1. Four Tet – Audioscope (exclusive)
2. Wire – Moreover (live in Lausanne) (exclusive)
3. Listing Ships – American Steam Company (exclusive)
4. Boxcutter – Cheetah Dub (exclusive)
5. Felix – Circus (exclusive)
6. Warm Digits – Sleep Thieves (exclusive)
7. Fujiya & Miyagi – Coe’s Toes (exclusive)
8. Beak> – 0898
9. The Telescopes – Dead Already (exclusive)
10. Richard Walters – Something Once Beat (exclusive)
11. Deco Child – Southpaw (exclusive)
12. Karma To Burn – Jimmy D (Slight Reprise) (exclusive)
13. Ride – Moonlight Medicine (Portishead remix) (deleted and unavailable elsewhere)
14. Rome Pays Off – I Can’t Take You Home… (exclusive)
15. SJ Esau – Why Angry? (exclusive)
16. Action Beat – Toad (exclusive)
17. Coloureds – Ted Nelson (exclusive)
18. Mugstar – Bardo Head (exclusive)
19. Karhide – Rough Sleep (exclusive)
20. The Workhouse – Before I Go To Sleep (exclusive)
21. Gunning For Tamar – Astronaut/Abort (LukuS remix) (exclusive)
22. The Half Rabbits – Mayday (exclusive)
23. Laura Moody – Oh Mother
24. Kogumaza – Sevens (deleted and unavailable elsewhere)
25. Flights of Helios – Dynah & Donalogue (Message To Bears remix) (exclusive)
26. Phil McMinn – The General (exclusive)
27. Dethscalator – Aids Atlas (exclusive)
28. Kill Murray – Pheromones (exclusive)
29. Ice, Sea, Dead People – Styes In My Eyes (live at Lost Toys) (exclusive)
30. The Rock of Travolta – Loose Lips Sink Ships (exclusive)
31. Caretaker – Yeehah (exclusive)
32. Alright The Captain – Honey Badger (Karhide Sleepless Nights remix) (exclusive)
33. The Cellar Family – Someone New (exclusive)
34. Magnetophone – All She Could Find (exclusive)
35. Spectrum – Feels Like I’m Slipping Away (remastered) (exclusive)
36. Talons – St Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All
37. ute – Dissolve (exclusive)
38. Message To Bears – Opus 1 (exclusive)
39. Sennen – Fucrates (exclusive)
40. The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club – I Want You Dead

ROTATE (remix album)

Contains the following tracks:

1. Gasoline (Tiger Mendoza)
2. Uplift (Umair Chaudhry from Monday Morning Sun)
3. Gasoline (New Rose Hotel)
4. How The West Was Won (Perplexity)
5. Gasoline: Death of the Steam Ship mix (Listing Ships)
6. When The Rain Stops (Tiger Mendoza)
7. Gasoline (Gunning For Tamar)

Released at the Oxford Cellar, 17 March.

Don’t forget to watch the awesome Gasoline video by Tim Bearder and Sam King here.

Designed by Simon Minter:


Contains the following tracks:
1. Burn
2. Uplift
3. Aviator

Download for £3 from Bandcamp

Recorded by Pat Collier, 2011.
Designed by Simon Minter:


Contains the following tracks:
1. Gasoline
2. Poor Me/Poor You
3. How The West Was Won
4. Extremadura

Download all four tracks for £3 from The Half Rabbits Bandcamp

Recorded by Pat Collier, 2010.
Designed by Simon Minter:


A compilation by Sheffield’s excellent Keep Pop Loud Records. Features the following tracks:

The Winter Olympics – I Miss The Nineties
BLESSA – Atlas
MJ Hibbett – 2000AD Nan
The Half Rabbits – Gasoline
Bordeauxxx – Every Holiday Is A Disaster
Screaming Maldini – Monkey See Badger Do
Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Beauty US
Pocket Satellite – Man On A Boat
Kidnapper Bell – Everything Ever
Best Friends – Surf Bitches
Pris – Icon On A Motorbike
Among Brothers – Bare Teeth
Twenty Three Persons – Something Colin Wore
H Bird – A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring
Glam Chops (featuring The Panther Girls & The Glitter Twins) – Tarzan’s Glam Rock Adventure

Limited edition of 100. Buy for £5 from Keep Pop Loud.


Features 15 of Oxford’s greatest bands.

Black Hats – Tunnels
Dial F For Frankenstein – Thought Police
Phantom Theory – Tone of the Dead
Secret Rivals – It Would Be Colder Here Without You
Coloureds – Filofax
The Winchell Riots – My Young Arms
Gunning for Tamar – The Organs. The Senses. The Muscles. The Memories.
The Rock of Travolta – Super 8
Alphabet Backwards – Collide
Ute – Brother
Spring Offensive – The First of Many Dreams About Monsters (Bargaining)
Dead Jerichos – Mountains
The Half Rabbits – We’ll Sleep Again
Vixens – These Hearts They Cannot Love
Laki Mera (Keyboard Choir Remix) – How Dare You

Download Spires completely free here.


Contains the following tracks:
These Rumours
Of This City
This Changes Everything
Stay Positive
In Vulnerability
How Right You Are
Someone’s Coming
Magnet Mountain
Man Down

Buy via Paypal below or for £8 at shows
Recorded by Mr G at Technical, Oxon, 2010.
Designed by Simon Minter:

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Full album and individual tracks also available to purchase as download from:

Bandcamp (including free unreleased bonus track When The Rain Stops)






Contains the following tracks:
Of This City
We’ll Sleep Again
Birthday Song

Buy via Paypal below or for £3 at shows. Also available for £3 from Bandcamp.

Recorded by Mr G at Technical, Oxon, 2009. Designed by Simon Minter: Thanks to all our friends and families.

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1,2,3,4 (THE MOVIE)

This is a wonderful film about a London band trying to make it in the topsy turvy world of underground music. It contains our tracks Man Down and These Rumours. It also features our friends Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element. The trailer is here and you can buy the film for £5.79 from Amazon here.


Contains the following tracks:
This Changes Everything
Louis’ Revenge
Attention: This Is Your Conscience Speaking

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Limited edition of 300. Recorded by Mr G at Technical, Oxon, May 2007. Photograph by John Walsh. Designed by Simon Minter: Thanks to all our friends and families.

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Buy for £4.50 including P&P to Europe:

Buy for £5.00 including P&P to anywhere else:


Contains the following tracks:
These Rumours
Someone’s Coming
Playing with Fireworks

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Numbered limited edition of 300. Recorded by Mr G at The Meat Manger, December 2005. Photograph by Alice Watanabe. Designed by Simon Minter: Thanks to all our friends and families.



1. Trademark – The Return
2. After Christmas – A Step
3. Grand Mal – Gimme A Minute
4. Sennen – Hard To Take
5. Amycanbe – My Ring
6. Jeremy Warmsley – The Boy Cried Love
7. Piney Gir – Sugar
8. Bobby McGees – Please Dont Dump Me
9. Dons Mobile Barbers – Constant
10. Tom Hatred – The Turning Point
11. The Playwrights – The Monkey
12. Captain Black – See Me Swinging From The Gallows Tree
13. Simon Mastrantone – Most Ungrateful Son
14. Akira – How To Live A Better Life As A Housewife
15. Chris McMath – GMT
16. Emmy the Great – Big Water
17. Ladyfuzz – Abendrot
18. El Alto – Lazy Susans Good Health
19. Attack Defend – Diamond Pig
20. The Half Rabbits – Does Not Compute
21. Will Sartain – Pissed on The Carpet
22. Mr G and Rich – Life And How Not To Live It
23. The Death Set – Intermission (edit)
24. MC Lars – If I Had A Time Machine, That Would Be Fresh
25. Le Tournoi – This Time Around
26. Headland – Hate Monsters Love Shirts
27. Foibles – Shoe People Unite, Shoe People Destroy
28. Jareth White – Dont Wanna Go To Walthamstow
29. Unit – I Dont Mambo
30. Roland Shanks – Ashes
31. Action Plan – Man of The House
32. Hot Puppies – I Left My Heart
33. Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies – Oh! Magic Sleeps That Gild These Judgement Lapses
34. Pandatone – Forrest Dreams
35. The Coral Sea – Your Prisons Are Home
36. Franc – Troubles
37. Rachel Lipson – Wise Old Lady
38. I Am Jack – Tessellations
39. Hands on Heads – Lasers In The Jungle
40. Plans & Apologies – Kaputchawoonga
41. Laura Groves – Bridges
42. London Beach – 2 By Two
43. Morvern Callar – Lovers Stone
44. Transistor State – Wake Eat Work Sleep
45. A Million Billion – Plum Palm
46. Mr Fogg – Top Of The Pile
47. Dead! Dead! Dead! – Why Risk Death When There’s Only 4 Seconds Left
48. Wry – When I Go
49. Pacific Ocean Fire – Death On Yr Birthday
50. Daniel Johnston – You Made My High School

(EX1.30) Released 30/10/06 £7.99
All proceeds to The Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture.



Contains the following tracks:
Magnet Mountain
Fast Breeder Reactor
Quiet Ones
Spooked (video)

£ 6.99 or £5 at shows

Recorded, produced and mixed by Lee Christian Sept/Oct 2004 in The Hutch with additional recording at The Kennel (RIP) and The Hole. Additional programming by Lee Christian. Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio. Spooked video produced by Adam Deeves Facilities: Quadrillion – All artwork and design by Alice Watanabe. Released under licence to Quickfix Recordings. QFCDTHR001

CDs SOLD OUT but now available for £4 from Bandcamp


01. starfighter – tired
02. fuck-off machete – copper and lead fight
03. ipsofacto – ain’t no disco for billy jay risco…
04. catnap – down with the scene
05. the half rabbits – fast breeder reactor
06. thee more shallows – freshman thesis
07. love ends disaster! – ginko disco
08. the debonaires – unstoppable
09. fightingwithwire – tracing the lines
10. the playwrights – bridge burning co-operative
11. 65daysofstatic – this cat is a landmine
12. – do as dan did
13. the occupation – never say forever
14. the alps – the shining
15. team – last offices
16. halite – patsy
17. crombie – communist propaganda film soundtrack
18. bellicose – cool as fire
19. lafaro – new rock age
20. santo el diablo – balance the books
21. resin – burn the centerfold
22. the sons – calling station domino
23. zombie safari park – leader
24. the lingus – slide

(sta024) released 28/03/05 £5



1. Trademark – Triangle Indifference
2. Days Of Grace – Glitch
3. The Nailbomb Cults – Death Kick Affliction
4. undertheigloo – Show Your Face
5. Autochtone – Problems Maketh Man (Some Things Are Best Left Alone)
6. The Lights – Labour Of Love
7. Script – As I Do
8. Trieste – Ecstasy
9. Monkey Rope – Song To Let Out Of My Heart
10. The Fever – Comfort And Friends
11. Piney Gir – K-I-S-S-I-N-G (little white chapel mix)
12. nervous_testpilot – Hello Daddy
13. Richard Catalogue – Sammi Ringtone
14. Harlette – Safety-Pin Halo
15. This Town Needs Guns – Vaguer Transmissions
16. The Half Rabbits – Positive Mental Attitude

(FRR01) Released 25/10/04 £5

SOLD OUT presents: Volume 1

A limited edition compilation of a whole host of Oxford bands, which was distributed at the gig on 30th July 2004

1. The Young Knives – We Are The Also Rans
2. Alesiachair – Welcome To The Extension Fight
3. The Half Rabbits – Spooked
4. Hunting Lodge – I’m A Seasoned Performer
5. The Evenings – Minkey Money
6. Bridge – Blood Meridian
7. Days of Grace – Dream Like Saul
8. AllYouMiss – Part Of This World
9. The Workhouse – Trading Estate (remix)
10. This Town Needs Guns – They Speak With Strange Accents
11. King Of The Rumbling Spires – The Magnificent Clockwork Matchbox
12. Hieronymus – Bloody Heart
13. Kids Who Tell On Other Kids Are Dead Kids – Wrenches And Stopclocks
14. Floating Face Down – And What Comes After…
15. Junkie Brush – Semi-Auto Placid Fun
16. eeebleee – Too Late For Me (Wendy and the Brain remix)
17. Autochtone – If You Find Yourself Alone



01. oxford collapse – for buds, not boston
02. la mômo – lobÔtopop
03. the mono effect – our way home
04. dealership – pure of heart
05. daughters courageous – the saddest ever
06. fighting with wire – first time we met
07. school for the dead – uncomfortable
08. penniless – story of a punk
09. seedling – dutch disease
10. santo el diablo – santos are el diablo
11. we will be pilots – we are not the doctors
12. dorlene love – dl rumble
13. now – abominatrx
14. the new shapes – just paranoid
15. (hooker) – you & i
16. hindi guns – goin’ to portland
17. venetian love triangle – march of the confederate
18. the half rabbits – spooked
19. hyper kinako – bika lika
20. soma – cancel your future
21. the furious sleep – among the wolves
22. alice & the enemies – touching boys (in supermarkets)
23. front face pancake – grampasex

(sta020) released 05/07/04

Smalltown America



We finished in Jan 2004. Recorded by Lee Christian of Quickfixrecordings, it contains the following tracks:
Positive Mental Attitude
How Right You Are