Upcoming gigs

8/11/13: Port Mahon, Oxford. Audioscope warmup show with Flights of Helios, Mother Corona, and After The Thought. Tickets.

Past gigs

26/04/13: Jericho Tavern, Oxford. Headlining Daisy Rogers 4th birthday party w/ Black HatsTickets.

02/03/13: Fusion Arts Centre, Oxford, w/Family Machine & Clare Chapman. Details.

26/02/13: Club Fandango presents Best of Oxford, Buffalo Bar, London w/ Co-Pilgrim & My Crooked Teeth.Tickets.

08/12/12: Phil McMinn EP Launch at Phoenix Picture House, Oxford, w/ Phil McMinn & Jordan O’Shea. Free entry, 7:30pm, 18+

14/09/12: Wheatsheaf, Oxford w/ FelixCellar Family & KarhideAudioscope presents the release of their next compilation, Music For A Good Home 2. Advance tickets £5 from here.

04/07/2012: Oakford Social Club, Reading w/Ed Aldred. BBC Berkshire Presents. Free entry. This gig has been rescheduled from 23 May.

19/05/2012: Old Boot Factory, Oxford, w/Scholars, Richard Walters and Phil McMinn for Audioscope. Tickets here.

17/03/2012: Remix album launch @ The Cellar, Oxford w/Listing Ships and Cellar Family. Advance tickets £5 from here. All attendees get a free copy of the album.

03/12/11: Punk Elvis Records Winter extravaganza w/Phil McMinn (ex-Winchell Riots) & Gert Lassitude, Phoenix Cinema, Oxford. Free entry, 8pm+

18/11/11: EP launch gig, Jericho Tavern, Oxford, w/Deer Chicago and Graceful Slicks. Advance tickets £2.95 from here.

22/10/11: Turl St. Kitchen, Oxjam Festival, Oxford. We’re onstage around 10:30pm. Full details here.

20/08/11: Upstairs @ O2 Academy, Oxford, w/Alphabet Backwards, Anchor and the Wolf, Cooling Pearls, and Nairobi. Gig in association with BBC Introducing. Tickets for £5 are here.

23/06/11: Fat Lil’s, Witney, Oxon w/Black Hats and Alphabet Backwards. Tickets are £5 here.

19/03/11: Jericho Tavern, Oxford.

24/03/11: Camden Monarch, London.

06/11/10: Audioscope Festival. The Jericho, Cowley Road (more information and tickets)

09/10/10: OX4 Festival. We are onstage from 10pm. Baby Simple, Cowley Road (more information)

25/08/10: Oxjam (w/ Tiger Mendoza, Phantom Theory, Prohibition Smokers Club, Swindlestock, and Kt & Ky) We are onstage from 9pm. Oxford Castle (more information)

10/07/10: Commotion 10 Festival (w/ From The Jam & Little Fish) We are onstage at 7:30pm. Kingham, nr. Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 6YD tickets and information

26/04/10: Upin Arms, Reading

28/04/10: 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL Glasswerk.co.uk presents (w/Royal Treatment Plant + Los + Gin Panic) We are onstage at 10:15pm. TICKETS

17/04/10: Headline Oxford O2 Academy, Cowley Road (w/The Rock Of Travolta + Dead Jerichos + Night Portraits) Doors 6.30pm Curfew 10.00pm – £6 TICKETS

23/10/09: Headline Jericho (YMD and BBC Introducing; w/Tristan and the Troubadours, Dolittle & Phantom Theory) Jericho Tavern, Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 – £5

27/10/09: Club Fandango @ Buffalo Bar, London, N1

30/10/09: Club Velocity @ Rising Sun Arts Centre, Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

10/04/09: Camden Barfly, London. In association with Filter magazine. Onstage 11pm.

29/11/08: Headlining Zodiac at the Oxford Academy. Supports tbc.

08/08/08: acoustic show at the Port Mahon with the Winchell Riots

25/04/08: Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Oxjam event w/ Sennen, Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element, and Cogwheel Dogs

29/03/08: Actress and Bishop, Birmingham

12/02/08: The Jericho, Oxford

(w/ Glasvegas)

19/12/07: Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(w/ Wichchell Riots, Alice {Musics})

04/11/07: Audioscope Warm-up, Port Mahon, Oxford

In the aid of Audioscope which supports the charity Shelter. (w/ Andy Yorke, 50ft Panda)

27/10/07: Feeling Gloomy Club, Bar Academy, Islington, London

16/10/07: Oxjam, Port Mahon, Oxford

In the aid of Oxfam.

29/09/07: Oxford Art Festival, Wheatsheaf, Oxford

15/08/07: Aargey-Bargey on a barge, Vauxhall, London

(w/ The Displacements)

13/08/07: Subsonic @ Frog and Frigate, Southampton

(w/ Waldo Salt, Solmyre, Montauk Point)

11/08/07: The Jericho, Oxford

(w/ Witches)

25/05/07: Club Velocity, The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading

(w/ To The Barricades & Tomorrow Is Go) more info

07/04/07: Tasty Fanzine presents @ Carpe Diem, Leeds

(w/ Napoleon III)

22/03/07: The Cellar, Oxford

(w/ Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element & Figment)

21/02/07: The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/ The Enemy & Dykeenies)

16/02/07: Actress and Bishop, Birmingham

(w/ Kate Goes & Sleepyhead)

06/02/07: Hat Factory, Luton

(w/ tbc)

16/01/07: Club Fandango, Dublin Castle, Camden, London

(w/ tbc)

02/12/06: The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(w/ Future Of The Left)

25/11/06: Stylish Riots, Horse & Groom, Shoreditch, London

(w/ Pull In Emergency)

23/11/06: Joe Public’s, Bristol

(w/ Santa Dog)

04/11/06: The Club That, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/ Tape n Tapes)

30/09/06: The Club That, The Zodiac, Oxford

(Headlining. Support: Harry Angel & Witches)

13/09/06: Club Hedonistic supporting Oxfam, Bar Academy Islington, doors 7pm, free entry

(w/Fire In Cairo, My First Radio, Lights and Tom Burbridge)

20/08/06: Come out 2nite all Dayer, Pleasure Unit, Bethnal Green, London, doors 3pm, onstage 7.45pm

(w/The Michelles, Jubb and the Dirty Sleeves, The Adventures of Loki & Wojtek Godzisz)

22/07/06: Truck Festival, Steventon, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire

(outdoor music festival – we are on the Barn Stage on the Saturday 3pm) more info

06/07/06: The Cellar, Oxford

(w/ headlining -support tbc)

02/07/06: The Sunday Steamer, the boat departs from Folly Bridge, Oxford 3pm

(w/ The Epstein, Morrison Steam Fayre)

23/06/05: The Fleece, Bristol

(w/ Elguapo, The Plugs & The Humans)

11/05/06: The Club That, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/ Fell City Girl)

08/05/06: Water Rats, London

(w/ Fell City Girl)

22/04/06: I Am Giant, Millers’s Bar, Banbury

(w/ King Furnace & My Father The Beat)

31/03/06: Oxfordbands.com presents…, The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(w/ Witches & The Quarter Finals & Mr G and Rich) more info

16/03/06: Ejector Seat and Trailerpark presents, The Joiners, St Mary’s Street, Southampton

(w/ Thomas Truax & Tri-City President & Scarlet Letter Union)

11/03/06: Ignition, Witney

(w/ Laura Lost & Nuvola)

04/03/06: The Cellar, Cornmarket, Oxford

(w/ Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element & Sennen & Ann Arbor)

02/03/06: The White Room, BCSU, High Wycombe

(w/ Goldrush & The Motorettes)

24/02/06: Club Velocity, The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading

(w/ The Heartwear Process & 100 Bullets Back) more info

11/02/06: Flook, Nambucca, Holloway Road, London, N7 6LB

(w/ The Home Wreckers Club & The Red Stars & Big Sur)

09/02/06: The Club That, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/ Agent Blue & Harlette)

11/01/06: GooNight Club, Buffalo Bar, London

(w/tbc) more info

09/12/05: The Sweatbox, Wantage


25/11/05: Club Velocity, The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading

(w/ The Heartwear Process & Libor Spacek) more info

24/11/05: Fuse, Lincoln, The Delph Bar

(w/Fonda 500) more info

30/11/05: Malice, Bar Three, Bristol Cancelled due to venue problems

(w/The International Karate Plus) more info

25/10/05: Vertigo, The Cellar,Cornmarket, Oxford

(w/ Cazals & Kinderleader)

15/10/05: The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury

(w/Fell City Girl & Harry Angel) more info

14/09/05: Exercise1, Nambucca, Holloway Road, London, N7 6LB

(w/Comanechi & The Faculty) more info

08/09/05: Mr Smiths, Bournemouth

07/09/05: The Club That Cannot Be Named, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/ Shout Out Louds, Gunbunny)

06/09/05: Clapham Grand, London Cancelled due to venue problems

(w/Freezerburn & Waylaid)

05/08/05: Make Poverty History, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element & Diatribe) more info

30/07/05: Duckfest, Ducklington, near Witney, Oxfordshire

(outdoor music festival) more info

24/07/05: Truck Festival, Steventon, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire

(outdoor music festival – we are on the Trailerpark Stage on the Sunday) more info

07/07/05: Rocks, Hobgoblin, Bicester

(w/ Red Star Cycle, Harry Angel) more info

11/06/05: Plum Promotions, Betsy Trotwood, London

(w/ tbc) more info

31/05/05: The Club That Cannot Be Named, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/ The Duke Spirit, Archie Bronson Outfit) more info

27/05/05: Club Velocity, The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading

(w/ Rebus & Elle Milano) more info

24/05/05: IMSoc, The Cellar, Cornmarket, Oxford

(w/ We The Starling & Spare Half Hour)

11/05/05: The Punt, The City Tavern, Market Street, Oxford

(Citywide music event over one night)

29/04/05: Oxfordbands.com presents…, The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(w/ Fell City Girl & PYE) more info

03/04/05: The Club That Cannot Be Named, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/ Editors) more info

25/03/05: Come out tonight, The Purple Turtle, Crowndale Road, Camden

(w/ Crash Convention & Hicks Milligan Prophecy) more info

12/02/05: The Club That Cannot Be Named, The Zodiac, Oxford

(w/The Paddingtons) more info

09/02/05: The Fez, Reading

(the support to House of Love) more info

10/02/05: Rocks, Hobgoblin, Bicester Cancelled due to venue problems

(Headlining. w/The Domes of Silence) more info

29/01/05: Junktion 7, Nottingham

(w/The Hellset Orchestra)

28/01/05: Oxfordbands.com presents…, The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(w/ The Young Knives & Asher Dust) more info

14/01/05: One Louder, The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(Headlining. w/The Corvids & Horsefighter)

31/12/04: Your Song New Year’s Eve, The Zodiac, Oxford

more info (performing as Fell City Rabbits!)

10/12/04: The Net, Abingdon

(w/Days of Grace & PYE & Laima Bite & Sargie’s Mum)

26/11/04: Oxfordbands.com presents…, The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(w/ Fell City Girl & Soeza) more info

06/11/04: boywithatoy presents…, The Half Rabbits CD Launch, Port Mahon, Oxford

(w/ Headcount & Mr G and Rich)

30/10/04: The Big Gig, Kennington nr Oxford

15/10/04: White Horse, High Wycombe

(w/ Hip Slinky & Diner & Silvertone) more info

13/10/04: Club Fandango, London

(w/ The Puzzle & The Genome Project & Minuteman) more info

09/10/04: Subversion presents, The Cooperage, Newcastle

(w/ Lotus & Random Acts) more info

08/10/04: The Forum, Darlington

(w/ New Wave Sound)

01/10/04: Klub Kakofanney, The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

(w/ Script & Off The Ground) more info

29/09/04: The Vibe, Didcot

(w/ Harpies, Ivy’s Itch, Floating Face Down & Harlette)

16/09/04: Fell City Girl/Latitude Blue CD Launch, The Cellar, Cornmarket, Oxford

(w/ visuals by www.kazimier22.com)

04/09/04: Oxfordbands.com presents…, Port Mahon, Oxford

(w/ EZ T & Sexy Breakfast) more info

14/08/04: Saturday Night Fix, The Club That Cannot Be Named, The Zodiac, Oxford

(Headlining. w/ Sexy Breakfast & Under The Igloo & Cats Kill Children & Midas Trick) more info

11/08/04: Rocks, The Hobgoblin, Bicester

(w/ Smilex & All You Miss) more info

24/07/04: The Hop Pole, Aylesbury

(w/ The Domes of Silence)

22/07/04: The Cellar, Cornmarket St, Oxford

(w/ Rose Kemp)

19/06/04: Charlbury Riverside Festival, near Oxford

01/06/04: Hope & Anchor, Islington, London

28/05/04: The Zodiac, Oxford (Gappy Tooth Night)

20/05/04: The Hobgoblin, Bicester

12/05/04: The Barn, Red Lion, Witney

11/05/04: Bierkeller, Bristol

27/04/04: The Jericho, Oxford

05/04/04: The Elm Tree, Oxford postponed until further notice

23/03/04: The Porter, Bath

13/03/04: The King’s Head & Bell, Abingdon

06/03/04: Ocean, Hackney, London

18/02/04: The Zodiac, Oxford

07/01/04: The Barn, Red Lion, Witney

05/01/03: The Dublin Castle, London

24/11/03: The Cellar, Oxford

23/11/03: The Club That Cannot Be Named, The Zodiac, Oxford

21/11/03: St John’s College, Oxford

04/11/03: The band did an interview on Altered Radio on 97.7 fm.

31/10/03: The Sweatbox Hallowe’en special, Wantage

28/10/03: The Porter, Bath

13/10/03: The Hope & Anchor, Islington, London

31/07/03: The Point, The Zodiac, Cowley Rd, Oxford


23/07/03: The Wheatsheaf, The High St, Oxford

(w/ Bridge)

17/07/03: The Cellar, Cornmarket, Oxford

16/07/03: The Barn, The Red Lion, Witney

(support from Phyal)

11/07/03: The Sweatbox, Wantage

04/04/03: The Zodiac, Cowley Rd, Oxford

(w/ Sexy Breakfast)

28/02/03: The Wheatsheaf,The High St, Oxford

24/01/03: The Point, The Zodiac, Cowley Road, Oxford

(Spacehopper single launch)